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Our Story

O U R   S T O R Y

Catch The Sunrise was born out of early morning musings, road trips and fresh air. We believe that jewellery doesn't need to be overly swirly, fussy or flowery to be beautiful. Our signature style is centred on simplicity, and ready for adventure. 

In our studio we handcraft every piece of jewellery ourselves, using a combination of traditional and creative silversmithing techniques to create each piece. We strive to use materials and practices that are environmentally responsible and look after our planet. The best jewellery shouldn't cost the earth, so ours is made using metals from certified recycled sources wherever possible. Reducing the demand for newly mined metals helps protect the earth from the environmental damage caused by mining.

We're a small start-up with big ambitions. In October 2017 we launched our debut collection on Crowdfunder and raised £3,414 through pre-sales to move the business forward. In our second year, we're aiming to work with a greater variety of materials and precious stones, bringing more choice to our community of wild women. By year three, it's our ambition to make all of our jewellery using recycled metals. As part of our commitment to be sustainability and positivity, we will also be looking to partner with a grass-roots charity working to give women opportunities to shine. 

O U R   F O U N D E R

The driving force behind all this is Sami Mauger, a free range female based on the north coast of Cornwall. After years of struggling to find contemporary adventure-ready jewellery, she decided to make her own.

It all began with training from accomplished silversmith Stuart Griffiths in January 2017. This was the spark that started the fire burning. She secured a space in a creative studio, bought her own tools and set out to make her dream a reality. When Boardmasters Festival arrived in Newquay in August, she ran a pop-up store with the help of her friends. The incredible interest over the festival was the catalyst that turned that small flame into a something much greater.